Cost of Remote Car Starter Installation

Installation of remote car starters is a popular upgrade for many car owners. It enables remote engine starting, which can be very handy, particularly in the chilly winter months. But, it’s crucial to be aware of the upgrade’s cost before choosing to install a remote car starter. The elements that influence the price of installing a remote car starter will be examined in this post, along with an average cost overview, a discussion of the advantages & disadvantages of DIY vs professional installation, money-saving installation advice, a list of typical hidden expenses, and information on warranty and maintenance costs. You will be able to make an informed choice & have a better knowledge of the financial effects of installing a remote car starter after reading this article. The price of installing a remote car starter can vary depending on a few factors.

Included in these variables are the kind of vehicle you drive, the kind of remote starter you select, and the standard of installation. 1. Car type: The installation cost may vary depending on the make & model of your vehicle. Certain vehicles have sophisticated electrical systems or special features that call for more involved installation procedures. For instance, luxury vehicles frequently need specific remote starters, which can be more costly. 2. Variety of remote starters: From entry-level models to sophisticated systems with extra features like keyless entry or smartphone compatibility, there are many different kinds of remote starters on the market.

Your choice of features will determine how much the remote starter costs. 3. Installation quality: The cost may also be impacted by the installation quality. Selecting a reliable installer with remote car starter installation experience is crucial. Choosing a less expensive installation might save you money up front, but it might cost you more in the long run due to potential problems.

Anecdote: A friend of mine wanted to install a remote car starter in their recently acquired luxurious vehicle. But because the car’s electrical system was so complicated, he had to buy a more expensive remote starter that worked with his car. This unforeseen expense emphasizes how crucial it is to take your car’s make & model into account when projecting installation costs.

City Average Cost Lowest Cost Highest Cost
New York 250 150 400
Los Angeles 200 100 350
Chicago 225 125 375
Houston 175 100 300

The aforementioned factors can affect the installation cost of a remote car starter. Installation fees typically fall between $200 and $600. It’s crucial to remember that this is only an average and that, depending on your unique situation, the actual cost may be greater or lower. 1. Cost range for various car types: As was previously mentioned, the type of car you drive can affect how much installation will cost.

Expensive remote starters are typically needed for luxury cars and cars with sophisticated electrical systems, which can raise the installation cost overall. 2. Price range for various types of remote starters: The features that remote starters provide can greatly affect their price. In general, basic remote starters cost between $50 and $150, but more sophisticated models with extra features can cost as much as $500. Anecdote: A friend of mine recently equipped their older car with a remote car starter. They decided to spend around $100 on a simple remote starter with no extra features.

They were still able to save money & have the convenience of a remote car starter thanks to this choice. You can choose to hire an expert or do the installation yourself when it comes to remote car starter installation. Depending on which path you take, the cost may change, and each option has advantages and disadvantages. 1.

Advantages and disadvantages of DIY installation: For people who are at ease working on their vehicles and have some knowledge of electrical systems, DIY installation may be appealing. In addition to saving money on labor, you get the satisfaction of finishing the installation yourself. It’s crucial to remember that DIY installation can be difficult, particularly for people who have never done it before.

If done incorrectly, there is also a chance that the electrical system in your car could be harmed. 2. Professional installation has advantages and disadvantages. The former reduces the possibility of vehicle damage & guarantees proper installation of the remote car starter. Installers possess the skills and equipment needed to finish the installation quickly. However, hiring a professional installer has labor costs associated with it, which could raise the upgrade’s overall cost.

Three. DIY vs. professional installation costs: Although DIY installation may result in lower labor costs, it’s crucial to weigh the risks involved & the importance of expert knowledge. Should an issue arise during a do-it-yourself installation, the ultimate cost to rectify the damage may be higher. Depending on the installer’s fees and the installation’s complexity, a professional installation usually costs between $100 and $300. Anecdote: I know of a customer who tried to install a remote car starter on their own but ran into a number of problems.

They ultimately caused damage to the electrical system of their car, which required professional repair. Ultimately, the DIY installation proved to be more expensive than if they had chosen professional installation from the beginning. There are a few guidelines you can adhere to if you want to install a remote car starter for less money. 1.

Comparing costs: It’s crucial to do your homework and evaluate costs from several suppliers before hiring an installer. This will help you determine any outliers and give you an idea of the average cost in your area. 2. Negotiating with installers: To obtain the best deal, don’t be scared to haggle with installers. In an attempt to win your business, some installers might give discounts or match a competitor’s pricing. 3. Leveraging special offers & discounts: Be alert for any special offers or discounts that installers may be running.

They might be offering seasonal discounts or other exclusive deals that can help you save money on installation. Anecdote: I know of a customer who was able to haggle with an installer and get a better price for the installation of their remote car starter. And to make things even cheaper, they discovered an internet coupon.

They were able to make substantial financial savings by seizing these opportunities. The possibility of unforeseen expenses should be considered when projecting the cost of installing a remote car starter. 1. Extra parts required for installation: The number of extra parts needed for installation will vary based on the make and model of your car. Relays, bypass modules, and wiring harnesses are a few examples of these components. These extra parts can add up in price and raise the installation’s overall cost. 2.

Labor fees for complex installations: The installer may charge more labor if your car needs a more involved installation procedure, such as connecting with sophisticated electrical systems or reaching hard-to-reach components. To prevent any surprises, it is crucial to discuss these possible costs in advance with the installer. Three. fees for taking out the old remote starter: There might be extra costs involved in taking out the old remote starter if you already have one installed in your car & would like to upgrade to a new one.

These costs may change based on how difficult the removal procedure is. Anecdote: A customer I know was shocked to hear that replacing their old remote starter would incur extra fees. When estimating the total cost of installation, they had not taken this into account and were taken aback by the unforeseen expense. It’s crucial to factor in warranty & maintenance costs when purchasing a remote car starter. 1. Cost of remote starter warranty: A lot of remote starters have a warranty that covers any possible flaws or malfunctions. Depending on the provider and the length of coverage, the cost of the warranty may change.

Including this expense in your estimate of the installation’s total cost is crucial. 2. Cost of remote starter maintenance: To keep your remote car starter long-lasting and operating correctly, regular maintenance is required. This can involve doing general inspections, software updates, or battery replacements. Even though maintenance might not be very expensive, it’s still necessary to factor it into the total cost of having a remote car starter.

Three. Regular maintenance is essential to preventing potential problems with your remote car starter. Future expensive repairs or replacements can be avoided by making maintenance investments. Story: I know of a customer who bought a remote car starter without a warranty.

Sadly, not long after the installation, their remote starter broke. Their relief came from knowing they had taken out a separate warranty, which paid for the remote starter’s repairs. The many advantages of installing a remote car starter outweigh the cost, making it an investment well worth making. 1. Convenience of remote car starting: Convenience is among the key advantages of a remote car starter.

Before getting inside, you can use the remote start feature to warm up the engine or cool the interior. This can be especially helpful when there are severe weather conditions. 2. Benefits of remote car starters for safety: Remote car starters can also improve safety. You can avoid getting into a cold or hot car, which can be uncomfortable and even dangerous, by starting your car remotely. Also, by keeping your car locked and the engine running, remote starters can aid in preventing auto theft. 3.

Additional advantages of a remote car starter: Many remote car starters have extra features like smartphone compatibility, keyless entry, & trunk release. The functionality and convenience of your car can be further improved with these features. Anecdote: One of my customers told me how their remote car starter saved them from an instance that could have been hazardous. Late at night, as they were leaving a mall, they noticed someone suspiciously loitering close to their vehicle.

They were able to swiftly get inside and leave, avoiding any possible danger, by using the remote car starter to start their car from a distance. Finally, for car owners who want extra features, safety, and convenience, installing a remote car starter can be a great upgrade. But before you make a choice, you should think about the financial effects. A number of variables can impact the final cost, including the kind of car, kind of remote starter, & level of installation.

Although installing something yourself could save you money on labor, there is always a chance of damage. Although it costs more labor, a professional installation guarantees a correct installation. You can save money on installation by looking into costs, haggling with installers, and being aware of any potential hidden expenses. For the long-term ownership of a remote car starter, it’s also crucial to take warranty and maintenance costs into account. For many vehicle owners, installing a remote car starter is a worthwhile investment despite the cost.

Anecdote: A customer I know told me how much easier their life has been in the winter with their remote car starter. The uncomfortable experience of getting into a cold car and waiting for it to warm up is over. Alternatively, they can remotely start their car and get inside a toasty, comfortable ride. They now commute every day and enjoy driving much more as a result of this small improvement.

Are most cars compatible with remote car starter installation? A: Yes, most cars are compatible with remote car starter installation. However, depending on the make & model of your car, the installation’s complexity may change. Can I install a remote car starter myself?

A: Although it is possible, hiring a professional installer is advised for remote car starter installation. If a DIY installation is done incorrectly, there is a chance that the electrical system in your car could be damaged. How long does it take to install a remote car starter?

A: The length of time it takes to install a remote car starter depends on the installer’s experience and installation complexity. It can take one to three hours on average to install something. Is it possible to combine my current key fob with a remote car starter in certain situations? This will, however, vary depending on the particular vehicle make and model as well as the remote starter you select.

Will installing a remote car starter void my car’s warranty? A: Generally speaking, installing a remote car starter won’t do that. To confirm compatibility and warranty coverage, it is always advised to contact the dealership or the manufacturer of your vehicle.

Anecdote: A customer’s friend was first apprehensive about installing a remote car starter because she was worried about possible issues with her warranty. They did, however, feel more confident and choose to proceed with the upgrade after reading this blog post and learning more about the installation procedure. They have since experienced no problems while utilizing the advantages and convenience of their remote car starter.

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